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If you are looking for excellence and elegance and stop the search, I found what you are looking for with the project of the new administrative capital Venchi, the latest launch of the company, Italy Italy, which is characterized by many new ideas and designs Italian unique of its kind and also known that Egypt Italy is always looking We are looking for excellence in the Vinci Capital Management project. You will find yourself in a new and new world where you will be brought a piece of Italy on Egyptian land To be in your hands, this is the ultimate goal of Egypt Italy. As you join the family of the project, you will be involved in owning 110 acres of comfort, luxury and excellence and will be surrounded by the best and most famous of the coupons, services and features that you will not find in the compound of Vinci administrative capital. The regional ring road of the new administrative capital and near the presidential palace and the green river and in the diplomatic area and next to the embassy and exhibition area and on a famous street such as the street Mohammed bin Zayed South with a facade of a street width of 124 meters and more and you will find inside the compound of Vinci capital city Rayya ..


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    Commercial Area

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