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The New Alamein city. Taking up more than 48,000 feddan of land is changing our perception of the North Coast experience from a temporary visiting spot to an all-year round destination.

The fourth generation self-sustainable city will beat to a modern rhythm suitable for aspiring individuals to live a well-balanced life with its parks, schools, universities, hospitals, commercial and retail areas.

North Edge Towers New Alamein are the pioneering pillars of the New Alamein waterfront, with a mission to begin a new era of all-year round living.

As the first and only towers in the area, they stand as landmarks of luxurious, self-sufficient homes that don’t close their doors after any season, evolving our perception of the North Coast experience.

First row turquoise sea views and a philosophy of convenience through sky high sea side living, NORTH EDGE is nothing short of incomparable.

Occupying a premium space on Alamein’s seashore and skyline, the five towers provide state-of-the-art living standards topped with a breathtaking view.

Over 300 fully finished units in each tower; split over 40 floors; offering from l bedroom up to 4 bedrooms apartments.

The towers are connected through podiums deck with all the needed amenities – world class gym, infinity pools, jogging track, kids area, laundry, pharmacy, supermarkets and parking areas.

The sky high sea side living towers are self-sufficient, prioritizing convenience with dedicated amenities, retail and commercial areas. Transforming the new alamein into a permanent address rather than a temporary getaway.

The architecture of the towers showcases the philosophy of easy-going, modern & sleek design, turning them into iconic yet minimalist masterpieces of the city.

The towers scrape the sky, allowing homeowners to see beyond the horizon from balconies; they provide every unit with unparalleled turquoise view of either the lagoon or the sea.

The continuous balconies carve the oval shaped podiums to look unified and grand from afar, warmly lit at night to turn the contemporary sculpture into intimate home that it is.



  • Area From: 90 m²
  • Area To: 350 m²
  • Starting Price: 2,700,000 EGP

North Edge

  • 5 Stars Hotel

    Sports Club 


    Spa & Massage Center

    Retail Area`

    Property Management

    Entertaining Area


    Jogging Area

    Commeerical Area

    International Schools


    Kids Area


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